A Warning Voice Alerts Mother to Save Son From Drowning

September 24, 1963, David (4) and Carol Joy (2) and I walked down to the corner of our home in St. George, Utah to watch some men installing a new road. When I was ready to return home the children asked to go play with the Watson children who lived nearby. I gave them permission and went home. I had been there only about five minutes when the word came into my mind, “Go check on the children, remember there is a swimming pool over there.” I argued with the feeling, “But they’ve been gone a few minutes and Mrs. Watson told me that she watched the children very carefully whenever they are near the pool.” The words came again, only stronger that ever, “Go check on them.” So I went. All the way over there I felt foolish and wanted to go back home, but I couldn’t seem to turn around or stop.

I rang the doorbell and Mr. Watson answered. He said that my children were not there. They had come, but he had explained that he and his family had moved that day. He was just there to show the house to some people. He suggested that I check at the Dairy Freeze.

I still felt impressed to check the swimming pool, but started down the sidewalk. I was hoping to see into the back yard on the west side, but found it was impossible. I called David and Carol’s names over the block wall, but received no answer, so I continued down the sidewalk. I had only gone a few feet when I heard David’s screams coming from over the wall. I ran back, yelling, “I’m coming. I’m coming.” With an increase of adrenaline, I ran like a track star, leaping ledges. As I rounded the east side of the house and the pool came into view, Mr. Watson was in about six feet of water with Carol in his arms, bringing her to the side.

As we sat on the cement beside the pool, hugging Carol and David, Mr. Watson and I were both too weak from the scare to get up. He said to me, “It is a good thing that you came looking for them. I had no idea that they were out there. When I heard you scream, “I’m coming, I’m coming.” I thought about the swimming pool and ran out the back door and there she was in the water.”

Although I was not the one who dived into the pool and rescued Carol Joy, she would have drowned if I had not followed the prompting of the spirit and gone there and heard David’s screams. I was grateful for the Lord’s help and glad that David had screamed so loudly.

Carol Musig Christian

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