A Young Mother’s Car

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day for November. Joann Green was happy because her husband had called and offered to take her out to lunch. She hummed as she dressed the three children and got their one-month-old baby girl ready to go. She thought of the wonderful life they had in this little rural town in Idaho, and of her busy and happy days spent cooking, canning, raising chickens, gardens, kids, and dogs! Yes, life was good! She glanced at the clock. It was 11:20 and if she hurried she could just make it over to her friend, Sally’s, with a chicken for their Sunday dinner, then she could go on and meet her husband for lunch.

Gaiety was aglow in the children’s eyes and behavior as they climbed into the car ready to set off for an adventure. The two boys were happily chattering in the back seat while her daughter and the baby were up front with their mother. She hurried along the narrow dirt and gravel road to cover the three miles to Sally’s farm, keeping within the 35 MPH speed limit. Since the road was narrow and she was going up a fairly steep hill she moved over to the center of the road as she neared the top.

When the crest was surmounted she gasped in surprise and terror, for coming at her in the center of the road was a milk truck. Immediately she swung to the right onto the shoulder and down toward the steep barrow pit – her only alternative was a head-on crash. The car left the road with an almost certainty of rolling down the embankment, while she called aloud to her maker, “Dear Lord, please save us! Dear Lord, please save us!” He heard, and the car was grasped by a force which held it in perfect balance and gently drew it in a semicircle back onto the road! Incredible? Yes. The marvelous love the Father saved this dear sister and her little family and she was in awe, but so grateful that her heart was filled with thanksgiving.

The police later, looked at the scene and at the tire tracks in utter bewilderment. Where were the tire tracks that should have been in the barrow pit? There were none! The exit and the entry tracks were there, but no tracks in between.

That evening after all the excitement had calmed somewhat and the family was settled for the night, Sister Green was given a vision, which she later interpreted as an explanation of the alternative to that miraculous power that enfolded her car to bring it safely back to the road. She witnessed her funeral and that of her four children. She was herself in a casket, with the wee baby laid on her breast, while alongside sat three small caskets with her beloved children in them. She heard the music, and saw the Primary chorus as they sang I Wonder When He Comes Again. She saw those who were to speak sitting on the stand, noted the flowers, and felt a deep sadness.

She was to think of this experience often, to try and interpret the vision, and finally to conclude that this is what would have happened if the Lord had not intervened in her behalf; He had quite literally saved their lives. Gratitude and joy at the Lord’s love and goodness to her and her family stayed with her through the years since that day in 1959 when a miracle was her only alternative to death.

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