Cancer is Cured Following a Blessing

The doctor told him that the tumor located on the left side of the neck, just below the jawline, might be cancerous and would have to be removed. An operation was performed in 1966 on Max Morrill of West Jordan, Utah. The tumor proved to be malignant. Later, the doctors decided to go back in and operate at greater depth, scraping and removing suspect tissue. Prior to this latest diagnosis, Max had received a very special priesthood blessing and felt sure that he was healed. However, his doctor, who also was LDS, continued to say that the contemplated operation was necessary. At first Max demurred, being certain that he had been healed. The doctor persisted, and finally Max agreed to have the further surgery.

Following this operations, the doctor asked Max to come into his office for a post-operative checkup. When he was seated, the doctor told him, “I’ve got to tell you something. I didn’t find any cancer.” To which Max replied, “I already knew that you would not.”

Sometimes, even when we are assured that the Lord has heard and answered our prayers and know that we are healed, we find it difficult to convince others. Max had been persuaded, in spite of his own convictions, to permit the operation.

When Captain Robert Davey of Salt Lake City was commanding a battalion of Filipinos during World War II and he had just had them dig in for the night, he heard a voice telling him to move his men. He knew then that the place they had chosen was in for trouble. He immediately directed them to move to another location.

The following day, they became aware that the enemy must have been watching as they began to dig in at the earlier location because it was bombed out completely. In the foxhole where Captain Davey would have been, there was a huge piece of shrapnel. The spot where the transport vehicle had stood received a direct hit.

He knew that the voiced instructions which had saved their lives was in answer to his constant prayers for help and guidance. He gratefully thanked the Lord.

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